2019-2020 Student Handbook Highlights

For an official copy of the PHSC Student Athlete Handbook, please see your head coach.

A Message from the Athletic Director

Dear Student-Athlete:

Welcome to Pasco-Hernando State College and the intercollegiate athletic program for 2019-2020 academic year. It is the hope of the Athletic Department Staff that this “Student-Athlete Handbook” will provide you with meaningful information to make your experiences and contributions to PHSC more rewarding.

Athletic Department Mission Statement

The purpose of the Athletic Department is to promote the total well-being of the student through conceptual learning and actual participation in intercollegiate athletics.

The department believes that athletic activities are an important component of the total college educational process to the extent that they provide opportunities for continued student growth through the acquisition of knowledge, physical development, social skills, values and emotional patterns in the forum of physical activities and competitions.

By providing high quality athletic programs, the athletic department is in alignment with the Mission of the College.


The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Florida Community College Activities Association (FCSAA) govern all PHSC intercollegiate athletic teams. The Athletic Director will be the interpreter of these rules and regulations. Any and/or all needs for interpretation are to be directed through the Athletic Director.

Pasco-Hernando State College subscribes to and endorses equal employment and educational opportunity.  Its policies and practices will ensure non-discriminatory treatment of all persons without regard to race, color, age, religion, marital status, gender, disability, or ethnicity.

Where to Go for Help

Concern Contact Department Phone
Add/Drop a Class Kathy Brantley Student Affairs Office 727-816-3216
Advisor-Baseball Fionna McGillivray Student Affairs Office 727-816-3280
Advisor-Basketball Adriana Bridger Student Affairs Office 727-816-3303
Advisor-Cross Country Kathy Brantley Student Affairs Office 727-816-3216
Advisor-Softball Kelly Houck Student Affairs Office 727-816-3383
Advisor-Volleyball Joy Raulerson Student Affairs Office 727-816-3215
Athletics-Intercollegiate Steve Winterling Athletic Director 727-816-3362
Athletics-Eligibility Steve Winterling Athletic Director 727-816-3362
Athletics-Injuries Mary Manning Athletic Trainer 727-816-3338
Books Coaches    
CLAST Information Advisor Student Affairs Office 727-816-3210
Counseling Counselor Student Affairs Office 727-816-3010
Discipline Shauna Kincade Associate Dean of Student Affairs 727-816-3356
Financial Aid Kadie Sharp Financial Aid Office 727-816-3108
Graduation Staff Admissions Office  727-816-3217
Jobs (on campus) Lisa Wolfson Financial Aid Office 727-816-3217
Loans Staff Financial Aid Office 727-816-3290
Records/Transcripts   Admissions / Student Records 727-816-3217
Registration Advisor Student Affairs Office 727-816-3010
Scholarships-Academic Rebecca Shanafelt Financial Aid Director 727-816-3288
Scholarships-Athletic Steve Winterling Athletic Director 727-816-3362
Tutoring Staff Academic Success Center 727-816-3237


Before a student can register for credit courses, he/she must complete an Application for Admission form. Athletes are required to pursue the Associate in Arts (AA) degree. Athletes who wish to change to an Associate in Science, (AS) degree must contact the Athletic Director. In order to declare the AA Degree Program, athletes must complete a Program Declaration form so that they can be registered for the appropriate courses for the specified program of study. These forms are available at orientation and in the Student Development Office.


To drop a course(s), student/athletes must consult with the Head Coach of his or her sport. 

The appropriate Head Coach’s signature is required on all drop forms.  Drop must be done within the registration and /or adjustment period, which is typically the first week of school, in order to get a full refund for the course.

Essentials for Academic Success

  1. Do not miss class.
  2. Do not be late for class.
  3. Complete all assignments on time.
  4. Plan to study two (2) hours for each hour of class attendance.
  5. Budget your time – class, study, athletics.
  6. Consult a counselor for personal problems or any difficulty that hinders or restricts your personal success.
  7. Do not be influenced by those who are undisciplined.
  8. Establish a list of goals for your life.
  9. Be attentive in class, answer questions, make appropriate comments, and be respectful to teachers and fellow students.
  10. Be appropriate in your dress and appearance. Remember: first impressions are lasting.
  11. Talk to your professors about extra work or any project you might do in those courses in which you are having difficulty.
  12. Learn your instructors’ names.
  13. Be a student first!

Student/Athlete Responsibilities

Your responsibility as a PHSC student/athlete is that of a student—first and foremost.

Your responsibility is to the classroom attendance, punctuality, participation, etc. No less is expected or accepted.

Your second responsibility is that of an athlete. You are expected to attend all practices and games and exhibit good sportsmanship and team dedication.


Academic advisors are located on each PHSC campus. Advisors are available to assist students with the selection of an educational program and appropriate courses. Advisors also assist students with long-range program planning, what courses are needed to complete a degree, explain degree requirements, and help students transfer to senior institutions.