COVID-19 Athletic Plan Summary


The current college plan is to allow spectators. Spectators should follow all COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. The spectators should wear face masks and maintain social distancing. Social distancing guidelines of six feet of spacing for anyone not in the same household will be mandated. Spectators/fans should not approach players/coaches during pre-or post-game activities. Fans should leave the event site at the conclusion of any game or match. There will be no concessions sold at any event. Home games will live streamed when possible.

Participants: Staff and Students

Visiting team dressing area will be sanitized before and after games. Face masks should be worn in the weight and cardio rooms. Social distancing will be maintained when not practicing or competing in a match/game. Equipment will be sanitized regularly and after each use. Locker rooms will be monitored to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Sport teams will arrive and leave at schedule times to avoid overlapping. This will allow for adequate time to sanitize the facility. Participants will bring the own water/drinks. Hand Sanitizer will be provided and available near team benches. Limit contact between teams when possible, including the elimination of per-game and post-game handshakes (any form of contact). During down time, no one should congregate.


Face masks should be worn. Officials should bring their own water bottles for hydration. Officials are to bring their own towels for use during and after games. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the scorer’s table for officials. Baseball/Softball officials will be provided sanitizer at the athletic fields.

Game Staff-Score Table, PA, etc.

Face masks should be worn and social distancing guidelines will be in effect. Hand sanitizer and equipment disinfectants will be available at the score table.  Game staff must bring their own drinks. No food will be permitted at the scorer’s table.

Response Plan Summary

PHSC will follow all CDC guidelines in response to COVID-19 cases.

Athletic Training Plan

Facemasks will be required before going into the training room. There will be no more than three student-athletes in the room at one time. The athletic trainer will disinfect after each student-athlete completes treatment. When the athletic trainer has hands on with student-athlete, the Athletic Trainer Certified will wear a mask and goggles. Only one student-athlete at a time in whirlpools. They will be drained and cleaned after each use. Rehab sessions will operate on an appointment only format. Visiting teams are encouraged to complete all taping and treatments before arrival. Visiting teams may not enter the athletic training room unless directed by the athletic trainer. PHSC athletic trainer will provide pre-game modalities outside of the visiting locker room. For indoor sports water coolers and cups will be provided. The coolers will be zip tied.

Multi-Team Event Management

Visiting teams will not be permitted into buildings until approved by PHSC administration/staff prior to game time. Face masks should be worn unless competing in a match/game. Signs will be posted in visible locations (entrance/restrooms) that promote protective measures. Venue will be cleaned and disinfected especially to those areas that are frequently touched (door handles, sink handle, grab bars, hand railings, etc.). Restrooms will be limited to allow for social distancing and will be cleaned/disinfected regularly. Individuals will be responsible for being their own drinks and food. No concession stands will be available.

Locker rooms will be available to the teams, but sufficient space is limited. The locker rooms will be cleaned and disinfected after each match/game prior to another team entering. All athletes and staff will be notified to bring their own towels and soap for showering. Teams should try and limit the amount of time they are in the locker room.

COVID-19 Athletics Plan updated October 13, 2021